Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Visit to the Museum

We live in an area that is home to many fossils.  In our local river the bones from an Elasmosaurus were discovered.  The model of those bones and many other fossils are housed at our local museum.
While visiting the museum we did a scavenger hunt.  The children each had a photo booklet of items to find in the museum.  They pretended to be palaeontologists using homemade magnifying glasses to help search. The parents commented that they appreciated how the booklets gave their children more focus on each of the items.
There was one photo in their booklets that didn’t have a name.  Their challenge was to figure out what it was called.  Most guessed ‘octopus’ which was really close.  It’s called a Dumbo Octopus because of the big ‘ears’ that are coming out of the top of it’s body.
         My favourite activity was measuring the dinosaur footprint.
      IMG_1209 IMG_1212
We all took our boots off and placed on them on the three-toed footprint.  It took 12 of our boots to fill the print.