Thursday, March 3, 2011

Suess Day Three

Since we were closed yesterday we doubled up on some of the activities today.
Our book of focus was to be Put Me in the Zoo (my favourite when I was a little girl) and yesterday's should have been The Cat in the Hat.  So we combined them.
 At the art table we made Cat in the Hat hats but with stripes and spots.  We used the tape painting method to make the stripes.
Put tape on your paper.
Then use paint rollers to paint over the whole paper.
Peel off the tape to see your white and red stripes.
Use a bingo dauber to add your spots.
Or if you prefer no stripes just go ahead and make lots of spots.

Look how high of a swing he takes to make his spots.  He's learned that the harder it hits the bigger the mark (splat) it will make.

This looks very 'Seuss' like.

I also encouraged everyone to wear spots today.  I did and a few others did too.
If they forgot then I set up a "Do you need a spot" centre.

Also our music teacher, that visits once a month, got involved.  She brought sticker spots and handed them out to the families and then sang a song about our favourite spotted shirt.
At the snack table we made a Cat in the Hat snack.

With this snack we learned to read a recipe, recognize numbers and count, use our fine motor muscles when using the tongs, patterning and self regulation (taking only enough and leaving some for others).