Monday, May 16, 2016

A New Toy

Our Parent Advisory Council had grant money that the teachers could use to purchase
items for the gym.
I couldn't think of anything else we needed for the gym but I had seen
this toy on the Kodo site.
It's called a Half Round and it's four feet long.
I placed it on the carpet a couple of weeks ago and watched how the children 
and their parents interacted with it.

The infant and toddlers played in and on it.
Practicing crawling across it.
Being encouraged to stand beside it.
And climbing over it.

The older children figured out they could crawl through it.
Although I was surprised they could but
they made it through in doing the fire fighter crawl.

They also figured out how to rock it like a boat.
We added an alligator so they could scream when we sang 
Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

As the days went by they became more comfortable with it.
 Using their bodies to stand on it,
 slide across it,
and just be comfortable.