Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oops I'm a Week Behind on Trays

Here are the trays from a week ago.
Little shaped containers which the lid comes off.
Works on fine motor and mathcing but also shapes.
The next tray contains a flower shaped ice cube tray with flower rings
 and a tweezer.
 Works on colours, patterning, sorting
 and fine motor.
But also curiosity and wonder.
I have a set of these books, all with different topics.
Each page contains a riddle and a matching puzzle piece.
 Focus is on literacy, puzzle solving,
and matching.
This final tray is a favourite.
 Coffee can with lid that has holes cut into it.
The holes are the same size as the hair rollers.
 The children figure which hole the curler fits into best.
It was interesting to watch the trial and error of figuring out the right hole.
Even if the smaller curler fit into the bigger hole they would keep trying till they found the correct hole.
It also lends to sorting.
I found this last idea over at Alljoinin