Thursday, January 22, 2015

Modifying Another Table

I wanted a table that has a sunken part so I can set up a play scene with land and water.  I took an old end table home to ask my husband to cut it but then remembered I had this table at school in my storage room.
A hole is already in it that holds a net so you can store toys in it.  A quick trip to the dollar store and I found a cake pan to fit.
  IMG_2759 IMG_2760
Since it is an arctic scene I wanted to set up I bought some white felt and cut it to fit the top of the table. Then cut slits in so I could press the pan into the hole and hold the felt in place.

Now to add the props.
Some big and little ice cubes, shades of blue and clear gems for water and polar bears on the look out.
          As well as a seal family trying to avoid the polar bears and
                       whales in the water with Inuit ready to hunt.

Ready to play.