Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Replicating Turkey Tails at the Art Table

                  Have you ever seen Turkey Tail Fungus before? 
                    You probably have but didn’t know it’s name. 
      I just learned the correct name but before I just called it Ruffles. 
             It looks like something a Mexican dancer might wear.
I found this piece of fungus while I was on a walk and was thrilled to see it was attached to a loose stick so I brought it to school for our Nature table.
                  This morning I moved it to the art table as a model.
Using several shades of browns, black, grey, white and yellow paint the children
                                 painted stripes on a sponge.
They then pressed the sponge on the paper and swished it across to make
                                                 the shape.
Some painted a stick under their turkey tail.  The child above added leaves too. 

While it was a great opportunity to look closer at nature, I think it would be a great painting activity to do around Thanksgiving.  I’ll have to remember it.