Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turkey Time for Snack

               oct 3 006
  We made turkeys at the snack table this morning.
       oct 3 007
      The materials were arranged in a sectional tray.
     oct 3 009
    And a ‘recipe’ was created for them to follow.
     oct 3 008
The most interesting thing that happened with this snack this morning was that the children thought the bread was chocolate or cake or brownies.  I heard it several times.
oct 3 018  oct 3 031
They were very eager to give it a try. 
Some changed their minds when their parents told them it wasn’t something sweet.
oct 3 017 oct 3 023
But by the end of the morning most had given the pumpernickel bread a try.
oct 3 062  oct 3 065
                               And gobbled it up!