Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baby Spiders

I was so excited this morning when I discovered baby spiders
had just hatched in our classroom.
The egg sac must have been in our pot of dirt because
the spiderlings were coming from it.
It's so exciting to have real life science happen before our eyes so
I quickly set up an area around it for families to get a closer look.
As the morning progressed the baby spiders migrated up the wall.
The question "Where are they going?" was heard over and over.
It prompted me to put up a sheet of paper to document
the children's observations.
As the children watched they noticed a bigger spider and thought it was 
the mother.
But as we watched it we noticed it caught one of the little
spiders and quickly took it to a small hole in the window frame.
It did that over and over.
I don't think it was the mother.
Some families took advantage of the books provided to learn a bit more about spiders.
All morning as new families arrived they were invited
to check on the spiderlings to see how far they had moved.
We opened the window in hopes that they would make their way outside.
This afternoon before I went home I checked them one more time.
The spiderlings that were left were bundling into a group.
I wonder if there will be any left tomorrow.