Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In a Tall Tall Tree

Last week we went on an animal hunt in the woods behind our school. 
We went on a hunt to find animals that make their homes in our woods. 
Earlier in the morning Ms. Bulger, a grade 2/3 teacher, and I went into
the woods to hang animal pictures.  Her class went on the hunt ahead of us.
sept 26 003 sept 26 005

When we were ready to go I started with a poem called
In the Tall Tall Tree.
                sept 26 054

Then we gathered our nature bags, binoculars and a
booklet to record what we find and headed into the
sept 26 053   sept 26 052

Some of the pictures were low to the ground, like the rabbit and rat. 
Others were high in the trees, like the eagle and the bat.
sept 26 035 sept 26 040
We had to search up and down, here and there. 
When we found one we took it down to have a closer look
and read some of the information on the back.
 sept 26 045 sept 26 031
Then we opened our book to get a stamp.
sept 26 042 IMG_1656
 We continued till we found all of the animals and our books were full.

sept 26 056 sept 26 057
Here is a glimpse of the cards I made for the hunt.  On the back of
each is a little ziplock bag that holds the stamp.  I carried a couple
of stamp pads with me.