Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spud Celebrations 2013

This year we had two spud harvests, one at school and one with our grand friends at the senior's lodge.  Which meant we had two celebrations.
june 17 097 june 17 110
             june 17 117
After the fun part of digging, counting (20) and sharing the harvest with
our grand friends we went to the “Spud Sundae Bar”.
june 17 124 june 17 125
Mmm choices of green onions, bacon, shredded carrots, cheese and sour cream.
 june 17 126 june 17 139

Today at school we celebrated with the kindergarten/grade 1 class. 
Their spud tubs produced 70 potatoes.  As the potatoes and toppings
were being prepared I told the story of the Enormous Potato.
   june 20 033
                          Time to eat.
                  june 20 004            
         june 20 005
Learning to serve themselves from communal bowls is a first
experience for some children.  It’s a practice we incorporate
everyday at the snack table.
        june 20 015
The toppings were the same as at our grand friends except we substituted
the grated carrots for dirt (chocolate sprinkles).
 june 20 009  june 20 014 
The discussions included comparisons of the toppings each chose. 
The kindergarten teacher created a sheet for her class to do, after
we left, to further the discussion of what they preferred.
    june 20 013
But if I had to guess (by the amount of empty bowls) I would say the
majority enjoyed the mashed potatoes and their toppings.

Thanks to BC Agriculture for the opportunity to participate in this great program.