Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

Week 2 of our sticky wall and I added feathers to the tub.
The girls are becoming quite familiar with tub and are always eager to explore.
How do these things move if I pick them up and drop them.
That is Cs favourite thing to do with every tub.
They do eventually get around to sticking them to the wall.
Sometimes putting them and sometimes peeling them off.
That is one reason a sticky wall is great as it is always changing.
The girls started to explore the feathers a little closer.
Discovering how they feel.
That they tickle when rubbed on their nose or face.
They discovered that a feather is very light and they may not feel it on their head.
 To finish our feather play off for the day we sang Two Little Dickie Birds.
What could we add to the sticky wall next week?
Any ideas?