Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Leprechaun Family

This week when I go home my daughter and grand daughter will be coming with me.
I'm very excited that they will be home for St. Patrick's Day
because we can go visit the Leprechaun Tree.
I got busy on the weekend and made a Leprechaun family for my grand daughter to play with.
It's modelled after her own family with a mom, baby and dad.
When I arrived Sunday night we put her new playscape together.
Starting with a basket filled with green (fake) grass
and a walk way that has jewels glued to it.
A little house came next and she was eager to get the family into play 
but there were a couple of more things to add.
A rainbow stacker, tree and bench finished it off.
Oh and of course a pot of gold.
It's set on top of our little sensory table with a book called 
"The Littlest Leprechaun".
The house soon came out of the basket so it was easier to reach
and the family have been happily tucked in to it several times.
Sometimes those tricky Leprechauns try to get away
but she catches them
and puts them back.