Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Back to StrongStart

First day back at school doesn’t mean it was my first day back to work.  I was able to work a couple of days last week to get the room set up.  Here is a peek into my room.
           sept 4, 2012 046
This invitation to discover boats is the first thing families see when they enter the room.  I’ll share more about our boat project another time.
sept 4, 2012 048  sept 4, 2012 047
While the grown ups sign in the children find their photos and sign in by answering a language prompt.  For the next couple of weeks it will be focused on boats.  Each year I take new photos of the children because they grow so much in one year. 

After signing in the children play wherever they wish. 
The grown ups are encouraged to follow their child and to play at the area that is of interest to the child.
sept 4, 2012 049    Art      sept 4, 2012 050

sept 4, 2012 053
sept 4, 2012 055sept 4, 2012 056sept 4, 2012 057 sept 4, 2012 060
    Explore and discover with nature, water, blocks and light.
                         sept 4, 2012 059
  sept 4, 2012 058sept 4, 2012 062
Dress up area, as well as house area.  (I took the picture at the end of the day that is why there are no chairs out).  And in the corner is the writing table.
sept 4, 2012 063
See you tomorrow.