Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Petting Farm Visit

             This morning we visited a farm that Mireille owns. 
          It is a petting farm with a wonderful variety of animals.
IMG_0182 IMG_4960
We were able to feed many of them by hand; like the chickens and roosters.
IMG_0183 IMG_4967
                                The goats and sheep. 
      They were very eager to eat from the children’s hands. 
                   They lick the food rather than bite.
IMG_4976 IMG_5020
                 The Shetland Pony and donkey were a little shy.
 IMG_4975 IMG_0158
        The miniature horse was willing to come close and be poked.
                    The big duck taking a bath was entertaining.
IMG_5023 IMG_4988
                                 Are these llamas or alpacas? 
                         Alpacas, we learned from the farmer. 
        The children were fascinated with pulling the hair off the fence.
                                We saw four peacocks.
IMG_0205 IMG_0207
                                    And one baby chick.
IMG_4983 IMG_5057
         Two potbelly pigs with deep snorts rather than an oink.
IMG_5025 IMG_0137
                     A cat that loved all the attention and petting.
IMG_4981 IMG_0164
                       And a 12 year old rabbit named Charlie.
                    Thank you Mirielle for sharing your farm.
We enjoyed our own snack and a story under an apple tree in Mirielle’s yard. 
Tomorrow, back at school, we will work on building a barn from these
                                    cardboard boxes.