Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gingerbread Creation 2012

For five years in a row our StrongStart has participated in our local
Boys & Girls Club gingerbread fundraiser. 
We create, make and donate it to their silent auction.
nov 23 052
This is a joint project with our big buddies and it starts first
by brainstorming ideas.
      nov 27 040
Ideas of a race track, Santa’s work bench and unicorns were a few.
oct 29 057 oct 29 060
But one idea drew our attention as it was being drawn, “A Fairy Village”.

The next step was baking. 
The big buddies started with creating the main part – the fairy stump.
nov 5 127 nov 5 129
       nov 5 132
They rolled out gingerbread and wrapped it around a tin can. 
Then covered the top with more gingerbread, drawing rings on it
to make it look a little more real. 
Then they hand moulded tree roots and the four fairy doors that adorn the trunk.
nov 5 133
Whew it stayed together while baking, yay!

Next, together the big and little buddies made fairies, animals, mushrooms, etc
that will be used to decorate the scene.
nov 7 041 nov 7 044

Next we had to prep any other materials like;
nov 20 038 nov 20 040 nov 21 029 nov 23 043
Dyeing coconut green for the grass, sorting leftover Halloween candy,
adding marshmallow wings to the fairies and adding coloured glaze to
the little cookies.

Time to put it all together.
nov 23 042 nov 23 045
nov 23 047 nov 23 046
The finished project!
nov 23 051

Some of the proud creators
(sadly I’ve been sick for the past several days and we didn’t get a picture altogether).

nov 23 048