Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dinosaur in the Snow

                 Buddy time last week took us outside.
Each big and little buddy partner had a nature bag containing a piece of yarn.  The plan was to walk in the woods finding 5 things the same length as their string but we had had a lot of snow the past few days and the path into the woods wasn’t passable.
Instead we walked along the fence and found sticks, old leaves and some rocks
                            and pine cones.
They collected their items in their bag then we made our way up to a sunny
                     spot in the school yard.
We had a little fun with shadows.  Shaping our buddies to look like dinosaurs. 
        Can you see the tyrannosaurus in the above photo?
When everyone gathered in our sunny spot I explained that we would use our materials to build a dinosaur skeleton in the snow.  The children began to empty their bags.  The first item was a big rock so we used it as the jaw.
Continuing to build the skeleton and naming the parts; tail, back bone, claws led to our finished dinosaur.  The snow worked great as a back drop to the darker materials.  It helped us see our dinosaur clearly.