Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Tradition

I like to bake!
No I mean I love to bake breads, desserts and candy!
It’s something that started when I was young.  Our big family always had
dessert after dinner and when I got old enough my mom started to let me
bake.  There was no internet then only good old fashion recipe books.  I
remember flipping through any that had bake goods, especially if they had
photos.  I was also a member of the 4H homemakers club and learned a lot
about baking and making bread there. 
                          march 31 053
A few years ago my mom was downsizing to a smaller place to live.  As she was
cleaning out she would ask my brothers, sisters and I if there was anything we
wanted.  I knew right away that I wanted that Cookies and Candies recipe book
that I poured over as a child.
                        march 31 054
As I flipped through the recipe book I found many loose papers containing recipes
that my mom had cut out of magazines or traded with friends and some were
even in her own handwriting.
         march 31 057
But I found this newspaper clipping that made my heart skip a beat.  A recipe
from The Toronto Daily Star, written in 1962 (I was just a baby) for candy
Easter Eggs.
                     march 31 056
These delicious chocolate dipped, fondant filled eggs were a tradition in our family
that started way back in 1962 when my older brother Tim, was turning 5.  My mom
made them as place cards for his birthday party.
                     march 31 055
She continued making the eggs throughout our childhood without fail.  Although
there was one Easter when we almost didn’t get them because someone had
snuck little pieces from every egg with a knife and they wouldn’t own up to it
so mom was punishing us all.  In the end we did get them but not sure what
happen to the culprit.
               march 31 058
When I had my own daughters I asked my mom for the recipe and have continued
the tradition.  Every year I make them, sometimes sending them to family and
friends or sharing with co workers. 
                          march 31 059
I’m on Spring Break right now and did a quick trip to Alberta to visit some
family and especially my mom.  It was my turn to be the Easter Bunny and
deliver eggs.  Thank you mom for creating a childhood of many wonderful