Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Estimating and Predicting

      april 10 021
Our tadpoles have been growing for two and a half weeks and during
that time we’ve been checking them daily.
ril 17 023  ril 17 024
We’ve spent sometime talking about how many tadpoles there may be in
the tank.  Estimating is an opportunity to talk about numbers.  What numbers
mean, how many things represent a number and what numbers are a low
amount and which tells us there are more.
april 15 054  april 15 055
In the water table there were toy frogs to further explore the concepts of
numbers and amounts.  Which log has more frogs on it?  Which has less? 
Estimating how many frogs are on the log before counting them.

may 1 016 may 1 017
By providing pictures and models of the life cycle of a frog the children are
gaining a deeper understanding of the changes that will happen.
 april 30 011 may 1 010
We’ve started to draw pictures of  what our tadpoles will look like as frogs.
may 1 022  may 1 011
So far we have a variety of coloured frog predictions.