Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Google Friend Connect

Do you follow blogs using Google Friend Connect?
Then you may or may not know that this method will end as of Monday, July 1st.

Which means if you want to continue to follow your favourite blogs (and hopefully mine) then you'll have to switch to another method.

 I have a couple of ways attached to my blog page.
The first is through Bloglovin.  Just press the button on the top right side of this page.
The other method is to follow through your email.  Every post written will be sent directly to your email for easy access. 
I also have a Facebook page that gives little snippets of information about what's happening each day, quotes or articles that I think may be of interest and photos from our program.
And finally you can follow my Pinterest boards.  This is where I file the many ideas I find while I surf the net. 

Hope you'll switch over and keep following along.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Who’s Calling?

While garage sale shopping a few weeks ago I found this old
fashion candle stick phone.
                       june 28 002
It inspired me to bring out other phones from the cupboard
and set up a centre.
      june 28 001
It included the candle stick, a rotary, a push button with a cord,
a cordless and a cell phone.
june 11 035 june 14 004
There were lots of conversations happening to unknown receivers,
to themselves,
       june 7 001
and to one another.
        june 20 003
Even across the room.  We practiced telephone words;
hello, goodbye, see you later.
june 6 043  june 11 039
We added phone numbers to our book.
june 21 014 june 21 018
And we took messages.
Do you have phones available in your centre?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ocean Playdough

june 6 002 june 6 003
Last month I attended a professional development day for StrongStart facilitators from the north island.  Each person that attended left with a draw prize.  Mine was this wonderful sectioned basket which contained shells, jewels and sticks.  I added blue play dough and watched the children play.
               june 6 006 
june 13 048 june 13 049
 june 19 016 june 19 019
         june 17 013
Play dough offers many opportunities for children.  Storytelling, fine motor, experimenting (will the sticks stand straight up), sharing, creativity, understanding how materials can work together, are just a few.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Potato Cooking

From our two spud tubs we harvested approximately 60 potatoes
which gave us lots to make several recipes.
june 10 010   june 10 011
But which recipes should we try? 
Yes, I do have a cook book dedicated to potatoes.
june 10 079   june 10 084
We started by boiling some of the potatoes and having a taste test.
june 11 002  june 11 027
Then we mashed some of them for our first recipe.
june 11 029 june 11 030 
             june 11 033
Added some cheese, a bit of flour and made potato pancakes.
june 12 111  june 12 128
Our second recipe also used mashed potatoes and cocoa.
june 12 011 june 12 047
After mixing in all the ingredients, enjoying the fragrance of the cocoa,
we scooped the cookie dough on to the pan. 
                  june 12 172
Yum, we made chocolate potato cookies and we shared them with our big buddies.
june 14 007  june 14 005
Lastly we made potato chips in the microwave.
       june 14 006
Slice the potatoes thinly and soak in water for a few minutes to help remove some of the starch.  Microwave for a few minutes and flip them over then microwave until they are brown and crisp.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mermaid Dreams

               june 20 030
Mermaid Dreams by Mark Sperring is about Meriam who doesn’t
like getting ready for bed.  But as her mom brushes her hair, shells
and other ocean items fall out.  They are all hints to the end where
we learn that she is a mermaid. 
   june 20 032
The illustrations in this book flow across the pages. The picture of Meriam’s tail has been created from a variety of paper, layered on top of each other.
        june 21 019 
                   june 21 011
I was inspired to try to copy the mermaid.  I began by making a stencil
on styrofoam for the children to paint and print.
                    june 21 022 

Yarn was used for her hair.  Old greeting cards and scissors with
scalloped blades were used to make the scales of her tail.
They also cut crabs from a special hole punch and used those to
decorate their pictures.
      june 21 020  june 21 008
We also used shell and star shaped sponges to paint the background.
             june 21 010
             june 21 016
The children’s creations turned out lovelier than I could imagine.

june 21 015