Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cutting Grass Sensory Tub

This week we have grass in the sensory table ready to be cut.  
Scissors were provided and we sat back and watched how they went at it.
The smell of the cut grass was so fresh and spring like.

Some children already knew how to hold the scissors in one hand
but others not yet.
It was fun to brush our hands across the top of the thick wheat grass.

It was a good opportunity to talk about the scissors opening and closing 
and getting the feel of that movement.
With a bit of instruction on where to put your fingers some were able to move
from two hand use to one handed cutting.

I worried about what we would do when the grass was cut.
This little guy figured that out for me.
He was playing with a tray of toy caterpillars and green bits.
He put the caterpillars into the grass.
So we built a garden.
I can't wait to see what will be added tomorrow.
I wonder if some of the grass will grow back.