Monday, November 19, 2012

Chalk Board Blocks

        nov 19 039
Chalk board blocks are our newest toy. 
So simple to make.
Use blocks that you already have in your room and cover with chalk board paint.
I bought the black paint at Walmart. But I had the blue paint at home.
I had animal and people shapes pieces of wood too.
           nov 19 017
The blocks are available to play with in our play exploration area. 
The chalk was available all morning so the families could draw what they wished on the blocks.
nov 19 015 nov 19 016
As she was drawing she was telling us about the tree over the house and spots on the cow.  Storytelling is happening here.
nov 19 031 nov 19 037
He is drawing a face onto the little person.
Changing the drawings is easy with a simple wipe of a wet cloth.
nov 19 038 nov 19 039
A few marks on the wood adds a different perspective of what they are building.
              nov 19 034
Love this set up that was left by one of the families this morning. 
Very cleaver using the blue block as the sky and placing it behind the house.
Moments like this make me smile.