Friday, March 14, 2014

Buddy Colour Hunt

    Today we did an outdoor colour hunt with our big buddies.
                     But it took a bit of prep.
IMG_1451 IMG_1449
Last week I met with the big buddies to introduce them to ‘magic rocks’. 
Mixing baking soda and green water makes a paste that we molded around Good Luck coins.  We left them to dry so they would be ready for today.

This morning I gathered all our materials and the big buddies set it up outside.
They hung seven different coloured scarves on the fences around the school yard.
             Leaving magic rocks around each of the scarves.
Once we were all together we started by singing and signing “I Can Sing a Rainbow”.
     DSCN2911 IMG_1656
     Then each little buddy got a colour card and they were off searching.
          Running across the field and finding their matching coloured scarf.
They picked up a magic rock and headed back across the field to see what to do
   IMGP2786 IMG_1663
Time to drop their rocks into the pot and watch as we poured in the magic potion (vinegar).  The rocks bubbles and foamed.  The colour you see is from food colouring that I added to the pot the night before.
       The children stirred and watched until the bubbles faded away.
      To magically find green coins on the bottom for them to take home.