Monday, June 9, 2014

Harvesting Spuds Tub 1

Today we harvested our first tub of spuds.
When the leaves turn yellow and start to droop it’s time to harvest.  Ours looked so shrivelled that I worried we didn’t water them enough and wasn’t sure if we would get any potatoes.
The children began pulling the plants.  After a few good pulls they came out but there were no potatoes attached.  Oh no, are there any potatoes at all?
           We began to dig and found a couple of little spuds.
          Then we began to dig deeper.  All hands in to help.
Yay we started to find potatoes.  They were deep, close to the bottom of the tub.
               We were excited to get some big ones too.
                          Our yield from the first tub.

IMG_4392 IMG_4394 
   Back in the classroom we washed and counted the potatoes. 
                       58 big, medium and tiny spuds.
   Today I decided we would fry them and make potato chips. 
         We’ll harvest another tub on our next day at school.