Thursday, October 11, 2012

Witch Hat S’mores

Today was a mixed up day – closed this morning, field trip this afternoon, then open this evening.

We offer evening sessions every couple of months so parents that work during the day can see what StrongStart is all about.  They've heard about it from their children now they can see it.

Since it’s at night we offer a pot luck dinner.

Tonight I provided ingredients to make a dessert – Witch Hat S,mores.
oct 11 106
I saw this idea at Cooking Classy.  I just renamed them for the season.

They are super easy to make.
oct 11 100
I didn’t want to fuss with cutting graham crackers into circles so I
used Nilla Wafers. Cut the large size marshmallows in half
and left the Hershey Kiss candies wrapped.
oct 11 102
Place the marshmallow on the wafer then top with the Kiss candy.
oct 11 104
“Unwrap them first” was the advice given from one child to another.
oct 11 105
Something we should have done was push the chocolate deeply into the marshmallow.  Because we didn’t, the chocolate titled to the side when the marshmallow melted.
oct 11 109
Finally slip them under the broiler for about 75 seconds
– yes just a minute and a half. 
Watch closely!

I liked them too because we don’t have to wait too long to eat them.