Friday, May 9, 2014

Beach Hammering

Today we closed early and headed to one of our local beaches.  This beach
is rocky and tends to have lots of driftwood, perfect for today's activity.
                   All I packed was hammer and nails. 
   We walked the beach collecting wood till we found a place to set up.
      The children choose all kinds of driftwood.  Some were very large,
   IMG_3080 IMG_3095
                              some medium and some small.

The children love to hammer and using real hammers and nails is even more attractive.  Using real tools is more authentic and heightens the senses allowing them to hear and see the action.

They were very focused and you can see their determination to place the nails
                                           just right.
       IMG_3084 IMG_3092

A few children created boats and tested their buoyancy.
    IMG_3105 IMG_3110
    IMGP2988 IMG_3112

One child made a plane. Everyday that he comes to school he makes a plane
                so this was no surprise, although the size was.
        A few of the others pretended to be mechanics on his plane.

We also found a few other items on the beach; seaweed and an animal bone.
          IMG_3069 IMG_3074
        Being outside exploring and creating was a terrific way to end our week.
           Hope you have a peaceful weekend full of outdoor adventures.