Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day 2016

We had an awesome day building boats at a local creek.
The families were so ready to explore and create.
We started with a book, which I like to do, called Captain Duck by Jez Alborough.
It got us thinking about boats and what kind we would make with the materials
I brought.
One of our grandfathers made us wonderful wooden boats,
including dowels for a mast.
I brought a variety of tools and materials and 
the families got busy putting their boats together.
Hammering, colouring, adding the mast and string to pull it
through the water.
Time to launch in the creek.
My favourite moment was when I finished making my own boat
and turned to see the children IN the creek.
It's not always easy for grown ups to allow their child to take risks
but today they did.
They didn't worry about the children getting dirty or wet.
They let them experience and explore.
Big smile to them all.
Our boat makers are ready to take their creations down to the ocean.
Wonderfully sea worthy.
Love our little piece of Earth.