Friday, November 16, 2012

Ambulance Visit

            StrongStart was very exciting this morning!

A paramedic named Jason brought an ambulance to the school so we could
climb inside and look around.
   nov 16 037
We stayed busy playing while we waited and when it arrived we couldn't wait
to get outside and see it.
           nov 16 024
                     We took turns looking inside.
    nov 16 049 nov 16 023
Entering through the side door we saw the big stretcher and lots of
cupboards with glass doors. 
  nov 16 030 nov 16 043
The glass doors made it easy to see the bandages and materials the
paramedics use to help people.
nov 16 025  nov 16 036
Jason invited us to sit on the long bench and tell him about any
experiences we have had in ambulances. 
       nov 16 029
              Luckily there were very few.
       nov 16 045  nov 16 046
One family told us their story about when their grandmother went in an
ambulance to the hospital.  Before she left, the paramedics gave the children
teddy bears and it helped them feel more positive about the experience.
     nov 16 034 nov 16 048
We climbed out and said thank you to Jason for coming all the way
to our school.
       nov 16 027
        Before he left he turned on the lights and the siren.
                               It was awesome!