Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bird's Nests

This week you'll find many birds and eggs around the room to play with.  
 Today at the craft table we made our own nests. 
We covered little bowls with saran wrap for prep then the children painted it with glue.
There were feathers to add first. I had a real nest to show how the adult bird used softer materials like feathers, hair or fur to make the nest warm and comfortable.
Then the gooey work began.
 Mixing shredded paper with white glue.
Some children liked it while others definitely did not.
Then we covered the prepared bowl with the sticky paper.
The nests have to dry for a day or two,
 but I did take one off the bowl mold to see how it looks.
 Add a cute little cottonball chick that we made a couple of days ago and we're ready to play.