Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Peek At Play

This morning was quite busy with many families coming in to play.
As I wandered around the room I was amazed to see many different play explorations happening.
                  sept 20 014
The above moment shows several children (and me) playing at the boat in the dramatic play area.  All three children were involved in different ways. Exploring what it was to paddle, steer and dress like a mermaid. 
Playing together but separate.
        sept 20 023
A wonderful car ramp changed several times this morning depending on the age of the child playing.
                   sept 20 019
Exploring glass bottles and what will fit inside.  What each item sounds like when it drops in the bottle.   And how to get them out again.
             sept 20 022
The house play area was busy (as you can see at the back of the photo) so this little guy set up a new area on top of the puppet theatre. 
 sept 20 010 sept 20 011
This play was interesting.  The little girl and her grandpa had been playing with the ponies and arches but it quickly changed when the child turned the empty basket into a hat.  She continued to look around through the holes.  A child`s interest changes quickly especially at a younger age.
             sept 20 008
Back on the carpet area this boy brought all the trees and dinosaurs over and set up this wonderful scene.  The little girl arrived, saw it and promptly said ``I like dinosaurs.`` A conversation began about the names of the dinosaurs.

This was just a few samples of what was happening during our open play time this morning. 
I`m delighted to see that families are feeling comfortable and beginning to explore the shelves and play with materials in different ways in various areas of the room.