Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bead Threading

I saw this idea on another site, I think Teach Preschool, but I couldn’t
find the link so I apologize for not giving correct credit.
I’ve been collecting beads at thrift stores for awhile so was able to offer
a variety, wooden, plastic, round, oblong, letters for threading.
    IMG_3437 IMG_3773
The children were so focused on threading the beads on to the wire.
And quickly learned to hold the wire while threading.
       IMG_3779 IMG_3989
The children’s first reaction to the beads was running their fingers through them and dumping the bowls which meant my biggest concern was to keep them on the table, safe from little one’s mouths.
This activity has been out for two weeks and the families have been awesome
in keeping it safe for and enjoyable for all.