Friday, December 14, 2012

Star Gazers

    dec 13 036
Today we finished our study on stars by making star gazers.
     dec 14 006
They are very inexpensive to make and the materials you can
find around your house.

              dec 14 007
Start with a tube from paper towel or toilet paper. 
Then cover one end with a piece of paper, securing it with an elastic.

dec 14 008 dec 14 010
Use a pin, or like us, an embroidery needle to poke holes in the paper.
Some did random holes while others did shapes or letters.

       dec 14 036
We decorated the outside with star stickers (they were donated, yay) and markers.

dec 14 011 dec 14 035
Having a peek at the stars was a challenge for some. 
Which eye do I close? 
Which eye do I hold the tube to?
     dec 14 034
    But they all figured out how to make it work.
          dec 14 004
               The inside of my star gazer.