Thursday, June 15, 2017

Early Years Inquiry Studio

In our community we have many gifted educators.
Two particular educators, Jan and Lesley, have created an Inquiry Studio to help 
educate teachers, early childhood educators, parents and whoever else is interested in learning
about how does the environment become the 'third teacher'.
Lesley and Jan have created a space that is warm and welcoming
with a sense to take your time and discover.
They invited us in to explore and learn along side our children.
The whole room is calm as the families play.
It is full of rich materials that have been reclaimed and recycled.
There are natural materials that the children can manipulate, 
smell and feel.
The children had freedom to explore all the materials.
In this enviroment they are discovering cause and effect, how to move their bodies,
what their hands can do, and so much more.
I love this progressive mobile.
Each group that has visited since the Studio has opened
have added to it.
Pictures frames are left on a table for children to create their own images
using the loose parts on the table and shelves.
What does their art work tell us?
A big photo book is left on the floor for the children to flip through.
Another large table is covered with cloth and a big lump of clay is in the middle.
There are no tools today.
The objective is for the children and adults to explore the clay with their bodies.
A child found a magnifying glass is taking a closer look.
A large sheet of paper is posted on the wall.
A platform offers the children their first physical challenge; to climb it.
Then they use their whole body to draw.
Chalk pastels were available for drawing.
This child discovered that she can use her hand to smear the pastel.
She was excited to see the colour on her fingers
which encouraged her to continue using both her hands.
One other area was for drawing and or making notes.
His focus is intense.
"The Comox Valley Early Years Inquiry Studio strives to cultivate responsive,
flexible and inspiring environments, that provide opportunties for children's explorations of ideas
through engagement with a rich variety of materials, that encourage collaboration and investigation.