Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Airport Project

It's that time of year when families are traveling or planning on traveling.
It's a time that we focus on the airport and flying.
 This year we started with asking the children what they know 
and what they wonder about airport and airplanes.
It took us about a week to get a good list of ideas.
In the meantime I contacted our local airport to arrange a tour.
As we waited for our field trip date, we got busy building a model of an airport.
This allowed us to visualize what they told me they know.
They told me they needed a runway and that it was dark so
needed lights.  We used star stickers down the runway for lights.
Simple cardboard boxes turned inside out worked as the buildings.
End of day one and this is what our model looked like.
The next day we drew parking lines and a helicopter pad.
I dug out a toy gas pump and some pylons.
The white jug, in the bottom left hand corner of the photo, is our control tower.
It's often foggy at our airport so there is a light in the top.
Next post I'll share the beginning of building our dramatic play airport.