Friday, April 28, 2017

Boat Building

Last week for Earth Day we did our annual boat building
at Brooklyn Creek.
We are so grateful to Grandpa Ben who made all these boats for us.
He even drilled a small hole and included doweling for a mast.
Other materials we used was sandpaper, tape, hammer, nails, screws, screwdrivers,
 markers, fabric for a sail and yarn.
The families got busy gathering their materials to build.
Some started with sanding their boat,
others decorated their sail,
and others started with hammering.
Once they had it decorated and the sail attached they had to do one more thing before launching.
They needed to tie a string to their boat and the other end to a stick.
Time to launch.
And launch again and again.
A few boats had issues staying upright so some modifications had to be made.
"Oh, oh my boat is sailing away!"
Grandma to the rescue.
After playing in the creek for over an hour we walked to the beach
for snack and story.
I read "One-Dog Canoe" by Mary Casanova.
It's a cumulative tale that includes lots of animals.
We then attempted to sail our boats at the beach but it was quite windy
and the waves kept pushing our boats back in.
This picture sums up our Earth Day.
We love the earth and love spending time outside.