Monday, February 18, 2013

Friends Making Hearts in Nature

               feb 14 057
After reading Penguin and Pinecone we ventured out for a nature walk.
    feb 14 077
Our bags were packed with a clip board and paper for tallying
how many pinecones and sticks we could find. 
It also had a old bread bag to collect them in.
feb 14 032 feb 14 041
Our walk took us into the woods behind our school where
there are lots and lots of pinecones and sticks.
feb 14 035  feb 14 036
Each time we found one we added it to our bag then made
a mark on our paper.
     feb 14 039
        We worked as a team, collecting and tallying.
feb 14 042  feb 14 043
Sometimes we found sticks that were very big.  Was it too big? 
We tested to see if it would fit in our bread bag.
    feb 14 044
     It was too big so we found one that was smaller.
        feb 14 046
    Once we got to the big rock we emptied our bags
feb 14 050  feb 14 051
         and started to build a heart together.
feb 14 058  feb 14 061
       Before leaving we drew a picture of the heart.
      feb 14 054
And took one last picture of the friends that built the heart
                  in the woods today.