Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Raising Chicks

We are attempting to raise chicks this year.  I tried once before without success.  One of the families that attend my program offered eggs if I wanted to try again.  How could I refuse?
Last Tuesday I picked up the eggs and put them in the readied incubator.  Our incubator has an automatic turner so I won’t have to turn the eggs each day.
My biggest worry is the humidity level, that is what went wrong last time. This incubator has an easy to read thermometer and humidity guage. 
Every couple of days I add more water into the trough underneath the turner to maintain a certain percentage of moisture.
IMG_5224 IMG_5207
The families are curious about the incubator and have questions.  I appreciate how some grown ups compare the incubator to the mother hen.  That is does the same job keeping the eggs warm.
This morning we tried to ‘candle’ the eggs, to see if they are fertile.  The first attempt using a box wasn’t dark enough.
       So we crowded into the bathroom and turned off the lights.
A few of the eggs we didn’t see anything.  Others we could see the line of the air sack.  One we thought we saw some lines, maybe the blood lines.  We will try again next week and really hope that we see more.