Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jello Eggs

Going through my Easter bins I found these old egg shaped jello molds.
I forgot that the recipe needed to be modified,
I added too much water.
This is the twins first experience with jello so they were a little apprehensive.
 Using one finger to poke at it, discovering the texture and movement.
 Quickly starting to grab it in their hand and watch it slide off.
Unfortunately, and I predicted it, they started shaking their hand to get the jello off.
Soon I was busy cleaning it off the floor and walls.
 A quick switch and I put them in the bath tub taking any restrictions away.
 A bonus was the tub toys that were waiting.
Scooping, pouring, grabbing, spreading and flicking was no problem in the tub.
When they were done it was easy to clean up and then give them a bath.