Saturday, June 6, 2015

Harvesting Spuds–Comparing Size

As we pulled the plants out of the dirt most of them broke off but one gave us
                           promise that there were potatoes below.
     I loosened the soil then the children started to dig and find more potatoes.
It was obvious that it would take a lot of work to dig to the bottom of the tub
                             so we dumped it on the ground.
Eureka we found lots of potatoes, roots and the seed potatoes that began it all.

I brought out a comparison chart with three different sized circles; small, medium and large.  The children sorted, compared and asked about the sizes.  There were a lot of medium sized potatoes.  Do we count the little bitty ones?  Of course which brought our total from this tub to 58.

We took them into the school and washed them.  Which gave us a chance to take a closer look at each.  We saw bits of dirt stuck in little holes (the eyes).  Some wanted to taste the potatoes fresh (raw) from the garden.
      Now the are all ready to be cooked.  Next post I’ll share our first recipe.