Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Whopping Wasp Hive

             nov 13 008
A family in one of our intermediate classes found this wasp nest in their shed. 
It is touring the classrooms so we can wonder and ask questions.
They had cut it in half, before bringing it to school, so we could see what the insides are like. 
nov 15 024 nov 16 020
The families have been fascinated and in awe of this massive creation.
Where did it come from?  How was it made?   Is it a bee or a wasp hive? 
Why are there layers on the outside?  What are the levels on the inside?
Lots of questions. 
We needed to visit the library to find some answers.
         nov 16 007
        We were able to find most of the answers in one book.
nov 15 006 nov 15 007
We did more examining (learning how to use a magnifying glass)
      nov 15 008
          and measuring (what tools can we use).
       nov 20 019
              We used some toys and our hands.
nov 20 015 nov 20 016
 nov 20 017 nov 20 018
                      For half of a wasp hive it’s very big.
                       Time to pass it on to another class.