Friday, January 7, 2011

Mitten Prints

Mittens has been the focus for us this week.
Today we did another form of print making.

Mittens that were cut from felt, lace, bubble wrap or non-slip shelf liner were stuck to the table.
The children could use paint rollers to cover their mittens,

or they could use a paint brush to make patterns on the mittens.

Lay paper on top of the mittens and and smooth it down with your hands.

Ready, set, peek at your art work.

Here are some results.
Non-slip shelf liner,bubble wrap,
felt mittens with a snowflake sticky attached,lacesnowflakes.
We don't mind getting dirty.

I had set out this craft on a disposable tablecloth that had been used many times.
So clean up was a snap.
Wrap it all up and out it went.