Thursday, May 15, 2014

Catching Shadows

          Yesterday we spent some time outside playing with shadows.
We started by reading “The Black Rabbit” by Philippa Leathers.  This is a new book for me and I love it.  Little Rabbit's first experience with his shadow is terrifying but in the end he becomes friends with Black Rabbit.
We started with our own shadow and tracing it. I noticed that the youngest children don’t really see the black mark on the ground and connect it with themselves. So was difficult to trace.
          IMG_3272 IMG_3275
I brought out a variety of toys and equipment from the classroom to
     IMG_3273 IMG_3278
             Some were easier to see and trace then others.
IMG_3281 IMG_3276
Some helped us learn that the closer to the ground the object is
the darker the shadow.  When we move it higher the lighter it looks.
   Some just had fun building and making great shadows for the rest
                                        of us to enjoy.
    Of course there is at least one who just wants to draw his
                                favourite thing – a plane.