Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn has Arrived at StrongStart

    sept 24 026
Our dramatic play area is set to explore autumn leaves,
with a picnic on the side.
       sept 25 005
It didn’t take long for the leaves to be placed on the tree
and shook off.  We pretended to be the wind and blow
the leaves off the tree.
    sept 25 008 (2)
Watching the little ones reaction to the leaves falling is
wonderful.  Are they amazed because we are spreading
the leaves all over the floor?  Or are they mesmerized
by the colours floating?

sept 25 023  sept 26 026
They learn to spill the leaves themselves and use the rakes to
move them around.

Then one child noticed a basket of squirrels and chipmunks
on the shelf and brought them out to play.
   sept 25 009
She showed me how the animals move up the tree.
sept 25 010  sept 25 011
I started to see the chipmunks move around.
        sept 25 020
In baskets,
    sept 25 022
in the leaves,
    sept 25 031
at the picnic table
sept 25 016
so we found some acorns for them.

     sept 25 018
What other animals do we see in trees?