Wednesday, July 25, 2018

It's Hot and No Pool

It is hot out.
Two of the days that I look after the little one there is a neighbourhood wading pool that we go to but today wasn't one of the days.
So what do you do to stay cool?
Play with the hose and fill whatever size tub you can find.
Her mom had done this last week and I was quite happy to do it again.
She didn't start in the tub. She started by watering the garden.
And exploring how the water came out of the nozzle, how it feels to slap her hand against it and how it felt when the water ran through her fingers.
By this time she took a closer look at what she was watering and we talked about if the strawberry was ripe enough to pick and eat.
Then she noticed the water running off the side of the concrete.
Dripping down below.
We sang' "drip, drip, drip".
 Looking for more things to water we decided to take care of some that are in pots.
These are mom's herbs that they planted together after Mother's Day.
This is Dad's new plant that he got from his mom for his birthday.
 Then she was interested in filling the tub.
 I brought bubbles to blow but they didn't work very well so I poured some into the water and we used our hands to make lots of bubbly water.
She spent a lot of time washing this little toy in the bubbles then rinsing it off under the hose.
After we were playing for about an hour we heard the neighbours sprinkler start so we peeked over the fence.