Friday, September 21, 2012

Twas the Day before Autumn

Today is the day before Autumn begins and since the weather outside is unseasonably warm the leaves really haven’t changed much.
So we  made our own leaf fun indoors.
                  sept 21 034
Our tree is a real trunk with a top that is made from papier mache with green tissue leaves attached.
I supplied two baskets of fake silk leaves, rakes, shovels and dress up clothes.
sept 21 004  sept 21 008
The children began by emptying the leaves on the floor then raking them up.  We talked about the leaves ‘falling’ from the tree
     sept 21 033 (2)
and that eventually led to the grown ups piling the leaves on top of the tree.
       sept 21 005
But how do the leaves ‘fall’ off the tree?
Sometimes the wind will blow them off. 
This child is being the wind and blowing upwards.  That didn’t work well.
      sept 21 009
The first impulse for almost every child was to use the rake to knock the leaves off.  But for safety reasons we encouraged them to find another method.
      sept 21 013
Maybe shaking the tree would work.  YES!
(Note: Sometimes I feel that the parents think I’m a little crazy with the ideas that happen here. Hence the dad's posture in the background.)
        sept 21 032
This activity met so many levels of interest in the multi-aged group that attends StrongStart. 
- filling and emptying the basket
- piling and scooping
          sept 21 033
- watching the leaves fall
- cause and effect
- picking the leaves up one by one
     sept 21 035
Here are a couple of books that we read today to expand on our language.
sept 21 051    sept 21 052