Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bubble Discoveries

              march 12 077
The weather has turned to rain, again, and I planned an
outdoor art activity to do in the rain but just before we
were to go out, the rain stopped.
march 12 048 march 12 050
   So we quickly changed it to "bubble blowing and catching".
       march 12 054 (2)
       We didn’t go far, just outside the front of the school.
march 12 052  march 12 053
We placed the clipboard with paper on to the ground as a target then
started blowing bubbles.  That was our first discovery; which way is the
wind blowing?  We needed to move to the other side of the clipboard.
march 12 057  march 12 055

march 12 062  march 12 060 march 12 074
       Then we blew and blew and blew.
march 12 068 march 12 075
    And tried to catch the bubbles as they floated around us.
march 12 066 march 12 069
          We started to collect bubbles to make art.
      march 12 071
      Our second discovery;  bubbles will disappear from the paper.
         march 12 079
    Our third discovery; bubbles will last longer stuck to the wall then
                     they did on the paper.
      march 12 082
     The children began to build bubble sculptures on the wall.
        march 12 083
They learned that the sculptures could be changed by popping some bubbles
        march 12 085
                         and adding more.
      march 12 091
        And look what we could see inside the bubble – us!
              We saw our reflection and a rainbow. 
      Such a simple idea was not only fun but educational.