Thursday, December 5, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright

While we were studying outer space I introduced the
overhead projector for the first time this school year.
             nov 22 035
A family lent me the blue mesh to hang over the area
and I used a frame from a pop up house to hold it away
                   from the wall.
nov 29 007 nov 29 008 nov 29 009
The frame is just the right size for the children to go inside and open
              enough for a grown up to be involved.

nov 22 034 nov 25 020
A few things we used were constellation pictures and mesh stars.
      nov 27 054
Then I added coloured plexi-glass stars, coloured circles and
                   stir sticks with see through tops.

dec 4 037 dec 4 038
These two boys discovered that they could turn off the projection on
             the wall by lifting and closing the top flap.
 dec 4 039 dec 4 040
They experimented with it and was able to move the light from the floor
                    and up the wall and back to off.
         nov 29 021
            And there was also interest in the mesh.