Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Today’s Walk Through Fairy Lane

Each weekend I go for a walk through Fairy Lane.  I love that I find changes every time.  Items are moved, sometimes taken away and new things are added.  Proof that families are still visiting and enjoying the woods.
One morning I found this handwritten note, encouraging me to search for
                                something new.

I found a variety of houses had moved into the neighbourhood.
                       Well worth searching for.
IMG_2158 IMG_1963
IMG_2257 IMG_2260
     IMG_2265 IMG_2264
       This last one is my favourite.  I really like all the details.

A tea set has been here for several months.  Over time the little tea pot and cups disappeared leaving just the plates.  Then just last week a whole new set appeared.  Each time I go by there are different items on the plates.  I can only imagine when and how long someone plays with it.

Here are a few other new additions.
Hope you have fun wandering through finding each one.

Thank you to everyone who continues to engage our wonder and imaginations
                  and make contributions to Fairy Lane.