Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

Tapioca beads are in the tub this week.
We played with them when they were dry and hard.
They make a great noise.
Then I added water.
We felt them and then let them sit over night.
The next morning we checked to see how they changed.
 They were now mushy.
The Little Ones weren't too keen to play with them.
 Later that day most of the water was absorbed into the beads.
 They were more inclined to explore if they used a cup and spoon.
 Notice just one finger going in.
I thought they would grab it by the handful.
After scooping and then dumping you can see the look on her face tells how she feels.
"Yuck, what is this mess Nana gave me?"

I was hoping these would work more like edible water beads but they are not at all similar.