Thursday, January 27, 2011

Watercolour Painting Sprinkled with Salt

 This morning the art table was set with watercolour paper (cut quite small), watercolour cakes, the little brushes again and salt shakers.
The idea is to paint with the watercolour, trying to to make your picture very wet, then sprinkle on the salt to see the reaction.
 The children love to paint and they didn't mind the smaller sized paper.  Again I noticed that their paint strokes were more controlled and almost all of them covered the paper.

Ready to sprinkle.
The salt gives the watercolour a crystal like effect.
 Sprinkling the salt was the favourite part of this activity (I thought it might be) and we had salt all over the table.  A few of the shakers that had many holes emptied quickly.  One child who's shaker emptied kept looking at the bottom of the shaker - did she know that is where we fill it?

This child spent time after painting searching and pointing out all the colours he used.  He'd point to the container and say "this one" then point to the spot on the paper where the colour matched.
                                         Some children enjoyed painting over the salt to see if anything else would happen.    

They said it got mushier
This child was delighted to see how the paint swirled and danced in the water.
 Final effect - we could see fingerprints in the top right corner.
The parents tried it too.  I like when they do.  Great modeling for the children.
                                          The parents' work.
                                           The children' work.