Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last Autumn Tree Art

We created two more autumn trees at the art table this week.
oct 7 046  oct 8 052 
        Jigsaw puzzle leaf trees and yarn leaf trees.
oct 7 015  oct 7 005
Jigsaw puzzle leaf trees were started by painting a trunk, adding glue,
           then adding the puzzle pieces.
  oct 7 021 oct 7 020
Finishing by painting the puzzle pieces on the tree, on the ground
                      and in the air. 
          oct 7 045

We recylced empty toothpaste sample boxes for the trunks of
                          our yarn trees.
oct 8 168  oct 8 166 
  They painted the box, added glue then topped it off with
       oct 9 033
The extra leaves curled on the paper under the trees is a
                             nice effect.